Learning the ropes of Product Management @ DevAcademy

One of the best things that happened to me last year was getting admitted to DevAcademy‘s Product Management track. I had been long looking for a free course on this topic and couldn’t stop glowing many hours after one of the co-founders of the school told me I was in and that the “yes” was just the easiest step of the journey – should I decide to truly pursue it.

A couple of months later, here I am, trying to organize, prioritize and decide firstly, what to do, and secondly, how. Luckily, I have the why, but chopping off things of my daily “to do” list is not that much fun, as necessary as I know it is for a good focus and time per project ratio. Here’s what my Product Management experience’s been like so far:

I love this program because of the dedication, passion and curiosity of all those involved – co-founders, colleagues, mentors. Everybody is taking it very seriously. Moreover, I can only look up to the people I sit at the table with – they all have years of working in tech companies and I’ve learned a lot from all of them, not just from my mentor (who’s one of the grittiest funny professionals I know). Actually, I’ve learned way more in 4 hours/week at DevAcademy than in an entire semester at my Management & Corporate Branding master degree lectures and seminars at SNSPA. There is no theory, it’s all hands on, learning by doing and lots and lots of trial and error and readjustments. So much of it that I’ve become more flexible in my day to day life since starting the track.

For the moment, I will probably choose three main priorities for my professesional life and focus on them. I am looking forward to working on the new product I’ve been assigned. I don’t know what it feels like to find out you’re gonna have a baby, but I’m really happy to be responsible for this I’m-not-telling-what-it-is-yet product!


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