How Facebook browsing led me to freelancing

Procrastination has its benefits, too. Last week-end, I was browsing my Facebook news feed when a Hey, Mărie post caught my eye. A less than five words reply to it got me a free course on freelancing at Fundatia Calea Victoriei, held by Alina Buzatu. *Who, me? Yaaay, can’t believe I won something at a contest!* Bonus points: the trainer is also a coach.

Hint: A coach is not a human “how to” encyclopedia or a salesman.  A coach is a self-reflection partner who is very good at listening, at discovering behavior patterns and also brilliant at asking questions. He/She offers you support and no judgement in your step by step pursuit of your true better self or whatever goals you decide to reach.

If you’re in the process of soul-searching or just want an attitude and personal focus upgrade, check out Magda Bunea’s coaching sessions. You can still enroll 🙂 

What was quite special about the freelancing class is the fact that I barely noticed the coach. She was there, but I don’t remember much of what she said because I was so taken by my colleagues – people with rich experience in banking, media, stock exchange, human resources, auditing, therapy and other fields. They are all strongly motivated and genuinely curious individuals, who either made conscious responsible decisions and changed their professional paths entirely or who are still working on that.

The first session of the course left me with the strong feeling that everybody has such a different professional paths that if you don’t fit a
criteria, you really shouldn’t freak out or lose faith as long as you’re focused and driven. As someone who gets energy, inspiration, and new ideas from people’s stories, I strongly recommend Fundatia Calea Victoriei courses simply because, regardless the subject, you’ll get the chance to learn new technical skills as well as get some healthy doses of inspiration and positive vibes from your classmates.

Joining a course is about the content as much as about the people who sit next to you. It’s through co-creation that you share experience and knowledge and truly learn and improve, so why not give it a shot and do something fun and useful with your free time?

P.S.: If you want to get to know Magda Bunea before attending any of her coaching courses or private one-to-one sessions, just follow her on Facebook and read her blog. She always shares really interesting enlightening content.


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