[My Lovelty experience] No care, no customer

I’ve recently discovered a new app, Lovelty. It promises to give users access to all sorts of offers from local businesses: restaurants – Lente & cafea, Acuarela, Pura Vida Sky Bar, bookshops – Carturesti, Anthony Frost, bike shops – Bicicletele Pegas (all really nice places I sometimes go to), and others, with probably more to be available to users.

All you have to do is hang out at your favourite coffee shop  and the app will send you a notification with any available offers OR you can check out beforehand the offers in the places you’re interested in.

Easy, useful, cool, right? I wasn’t fast enough to be one of the first 1,000 subscribers, so I only registered for the newsletter. Today I was very happy when I received a reminder from Lovelty. I immediately downloaded the app from the Play Store and tried to log in with no success. I thought I had forgotten my password, so I obviously hit the “forgot password” button. That didn’t work either, so I asked them for help.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, better not say anything at all. 

Instead of a friendly email telling me what to do to fix my problem so I could use the app, I got a mocking reply from no other than the co-founder. It totally pissed me off and I asked for further clarifications. I finally received a clear answer that helped me solve my problem, on the same previous patronizing tone of voice. I needed help to use the app and I got treated like I wasn’t worthy enough of it because I was too stupid.

What happened:

  1. Being  interested in using the app is worthless to the co-founder of Lovelty. He didn’t care enough to want to solve my problem. He only made fun of me.

2. I was the one who reached out, for a second time, not him. There goes pro-activity and genuine care for users…

3. Instead of offering me a complete, user-friendly answer in the first email he sent me, he used the info he had in an arrogant manner, which only made me have mixed feelings about the app. Before talking with him, I was uber excited and looking forward to using it…


What would have helped:

  1. A reminder, in the newsletter I had received, about my status: user registered for the newsletter, who currently doesn’t have an account for the app itself
  2. A friendly answer to my inquiry:

Dear Alexandra,

Thanks so much for using our app! I checked our database and I discovered that you have registered for the newsletter but you don’t have an account for the app yet.

What you need to do is download the app from Play Store/AppStore, install it on your smartphone, and create an account, using this email address and a password of your choice. You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards. Don’t worry if you forget your credentials, you can get them back asap by simply using the “forgot password” button in the app – it will surely work once you set up your account.

Should you need any help with the app, please let us know. Enjoy the offers of the places we’ve chosen so far. Any feedback regarding the app will be much appreciated!

It doesn’t cost anything extra to be nice. There’s plenty of proof for that.

Below there is a screenshot of a lovely conversation I had with James Clift, cofounder of Visual CV, which I strongly recommend. He offered me a premium account for life after I provided him some feedback, just like that.

With a free Visual CV account, you can create a custom made CV way prettier than the average Microsoft Word or eJobs/BestJobs/etc. versions. If you don’t find anything that suits you, either make an upgrade to the premium version – you’ll have plenty of templates to choose from OR use the website as a source of inspiration. I suggest Canva for creating a CV template on your own if you’re not good with Photoshop; it’s incredibly easy to use and they have many tutorials, too.

Another good example of customer care is this extremely short, but highly efficient and lively reply from 8tracks. I have a subscription to their newsletter. It brightens my day every time I open it and listen to their playlist recommendations – this one‘s really cheerful.

Screenshot_7I can’t upload any screen shots with customer situations I dealt with at Teach for Romania or Vodafone Romania. But I can say for sure that everybody in the team, co-founders included, had their share of inquiries that made them feel really angry, upset or simply laugh hysterically because they were so out of line – from their point of view. Every single time, we did the same thing and it worked every single time:

  • took a deep breath;
  • put ourselves in the shoes of the person that made the inquiry;
  • offered a friendly useful reply, so he/she would know what to do to solve his/her problem. Or, at least, so he/she’d know that there was nothing else to be done in that situation and should move on;
  • using various type of feedback we received, we improved our communication style and always kept the door open.

When you receive an email with a question like mine – “I forgot my password and can’t reset it. What can I do to fix this?”, it all comes down to one thing: you care or you don’t  about the business you represent, about its mission, about the person that asks for your help, about bringing a positive impact, no matter how small, to the world. Cheers to all who raise up to the opportunity and make life easier and pleasant for others!


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