Deutsch lernen

I buckled up and I started learning German today. Yep. Ich lernen Deutsch! I’ve downloaded some books (long live social sharing!), I enrolled on Deutsche Welle’s A1 German course and practiced for two – three hours.

I really sucked at pronouncing the “r” – some advice from helped me make some progress: I filled my mouth with water and started gurgling. The “r” I made afterwards sounded closer to the one on the website. There’s hope! Especially if I find a German native I can talk to.

I also found some music that will very likely grow on me way more than for educational purposes. I’m sure I’ll find more. I’m looking forward to translating mot-a-mot a song of the ones below tomorrow morning.

All in all, I’m really happy about taking the plunge and now being able to say in German, too, what I’ve been saying in Romanian, English and French for years:)

Meine beste Freundin kommt aus Rumänien. Sie heißt Anca. Sie wohnt in London.


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