See you soon, Robbie!

Can’t believe Robbie Williams had the concert of the year in Romania and I couldn’t make it. Darn! Oh well, I’ll see you next time, Robbie. Luckily, the Telekom concert live transmission was recorded and is up and running on YouTube. Watching it me feel so much better after seeing the flood of selfies in my Facebook news feed this morning.

Even though I couldn’t go to the concert, I’m really happy. Since the whole Robbie Williams buzz started, not even once did I hear anything about him being gay or a junkie. You’d probably think “Who the fuck gives a shit about that?”. Now, nobody – and this is why I’m happy.

15 years ago, when Escapology had just been launched, all the kids in my class cared more about this than about his music and undeniable talent. I remember it two-three classmates, all of them girls, and I who were totally in love with Robbie. Probably Feel was the sexiest videos we were allowed to watch by our still frowning parents. All the boys in class were listening to either hip hop, metal or manele and, despite their many divergent opinions, they all agreed: Robbiw was gay, which was the lamest thing a man could be.

15 years is a very long time. But in a religious country like Romania, were churches worth millions of dollars are built, while doctors and teachers are under-paid, and there are not enough medical care facilities for all the citizens’ needs, not hearing anything any trashy comments sounds like a big step forward to me. I hope to see more focus on what’s really important and less and less judgemental comments.

I know people haven’t changed their minds, but at least now shouting out from the top of your lungs you have a problem with LGBT people is not received with a general applause by the public opinion anymore, even if you’re a Romanian’s Got Talent jury member.

P.S.: I can’t wait to see Robbie live, whenever that’s gonna be ❤


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