No puedo hacerlo: Harvey is stepping up!


Four episodes into the new Suits season, I still feel I’m watching the season premiere time and again – it’s so good! The show has grown a lot from putting the lights solely on Mike&Harvey to creating a stage for everybody else on board and allowing them to build relationships, evolve and shine through all the facets of their personalities. “No puedo hacerlo” is the most obvious proof of the series’ new approach.

Harvey is being Harvey in the best of ways. He might be all cranky and angry about the Donna situation, but he lives by his strongest value, loyalty. When Louis asks him to be his sister’s divorce lawyer and help her keep her company, he accepts on the spot. Moreover, working on the case, he comes to the realization of the bigger picture and truly understands what his therapist had been telling him all along, and comes forward both to Donna and Louis.


This is probably the first episode in which Louis doesn’t mess anything up. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I can’t believe it myself. Having Donna as his secretary is starting to pay off more than improving his self-esteem and vanity.

5I wish we’d see more of Donna. Although I feel like she’s been on “out of office” most of the season, her character is taking shape so much more than before, through the others’ eyes and mostly, through the chain reactions her shift to being Louis secretary led to. I love that we get to have a better understanding on who she is and mostly the fact that she stands her ground and stopped treating herself as a #2.

Mike raises up to be the man he wants to be. He’s always been a good guy with the strongest morals, and this is why he’s such a good match for Harvey, but building a life with Rachel got his game to a completely different level. Unlike other times, not only does he fight for what he believes in, but he does it the right way: he talks everything upfront both with his partners (Rachel’s father) and especially his superiors (Jessica). The result: he discovers a major issue and basically saves his future father in law’s ass.

Jessica, for once, doesn’t shut Mike down. She’s as controlling, fierce and no time for bullshit as usual, but after cutting Mike off, he trusts him enough to check what he put on the table and immediately takes action. It’s really nice to see a glitch in her “my way or the highway” leadership style and moreover, it paying off in the end.

Rachel is slowly and surely becoming the spitting image of Jessica and turning into Harvey’s shadow. I don’t know how she can be both a top student in a law school and be on top of things for a firm like Person. Spector. Litt, but hey, bravo for her and all top players out there. If she keeps it up like this, she will have earned her place at the table.

So far, “No puedo hacerlo” has been my favorite episode of the entire show. It’s a very condensed pack of small personal stories about growing up, especially for Harvey and Mike.

For Harvey, it’s about getting a new perspective which obviously doesn’t change any facts, but surely makes a difference in the way he sees them. For Mike, it means fighting for the greater cause, this time with a broader understanding of the big picture, and not having as a focus and fuel his anger about the injustice done to his parents.

Watch the final Harvey&Donna scene (I uploaded the video and other photos & quotes on the Suits Quotes Facebook page):

I guess the morale is that whatever happens – and it always does, at some point – at work, in a love relationship or friendship, it’s important to learn to zoom out and not lose sight of the good, whatever that good was before the-thing-that-made-everything-go-downhill-or-be-gone-for-good-happened.6 The final song is a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” by Tyler Ward, Kina Grannis, and Lindsey Stirling:

Untitled design

If you’re curious about what the future holds for Harvey&co, have a look at this interview:


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