Stop the baby/cat/wedding photos invasion with Facebook News Feed Preferences

Home sweet home: what I’ve  always wanted my Facebook news feed to feel like. Too bad I’ve never had the patience to unfollow all the people I wanted to unfollow, to unlike all the pages I was no longer interested in and so on. Finally, Facebook has lent me – and all selective fellas out there, a helping hand, through a new option. Just go to your Facebook dashboard, choose News Feed Preferences and start rolling.



  • You can choose whose friends posts you can see first or at all in your news feed.
  • You can customize faster than before what you see in your newfeed: you have it all in the same place – friends, pages, groups, a list of hidden apps, too, and a summary of what you saw most in your news feed in the past week.
  • I don’t have this option yet, but I’ve seen a screen shot of it on Alexandru Negrea’s website – you can get recommendations of new pages you can opt to see first.

Improvements I’d like to be added

  •  I hate scrolling endless lists. I have +2,200 Facebook friends. Unfollowing them one by one is too much of a hassle. Indeed, it’s way easier than before, when you had to to the same operation from their personal profile only, but in half an hour today I barely got to “E”… I wish I could tick some boxes and hit a big “unfollow all selected friends” button or something similar to the way I can invite friends to events.
  • I don’t see the point of an alphabetical ordering. As I said, I didn’t get past E today. I wish I had the possibility to choose only the names starting with a certain letter.
  • I don’t think Facebook is ever going to do this, it’s a rather anti-social measure: since you can unfollow people/pages, it would be nice to have the option to bulk unfriend/unlike them without having to go to the personal profile or page to perform this action.

What does this all mean?

  • A cozier news feed and easier really keeping in touch with real life friends.
  • For those focused on their online education, it’s going to be a step forward to be able to see first in their news feed the posts of the gurus in whatever industries their interested in . It’s surely faster than reading a 300 page book.
  • For pages, well, it’s gonna make it even harder to keep their communities engaged. In order for their content to reach people, it has to pass a couple of filters: News Feed Preferences, Advert Preferences and the usual Facebook algorithms that makes the content of a page reach less than 20% of the fans.

I’m really curious if a user chooses to unfollow a page, will he/she see a boost post in his/her newsfeed? In theory, this shouldn’t happen according to Newsfeed Preferences but not necessarily, since a boost post is a type of ad. I’ll dig in more, I’d really like to know what does Facebook respect more: the user’s News Feed or Advert Preferences?

You can change what ads you see very easy:

1. Click on the X of any ad (either in your news feed or in the right side of it)


2. Choose “I don’t want to see this” or “Hide all from Page Name” to hide any further ads from that page

OR Choose “Why am I seeing this?” in order to see how advertisers target you. Screenshot_8

3. Welcome to your Advert Preferences board! You can see here the exact words or interests advertisers target you for.   Screenshot_10

4. Buckle up, you’re gonna have some surprises. I’m a good match for ads related to Cairo apparently -a friend of mine lives in Egypt. I lacked the patience to untick all the stuff I didn’t consider useful to be targeted for, but it’s really interesting to see how Facebook translates your activity in the network to certain interests that are used by advertisers.


I’m really looking forward to customizing my Facebook news feed. I’ll finally see those Mashable and Tech Crunch posts before Times New Roman or Times posts. I’m also really happy about going to see only my real life friends’ babies and engagement announcements. Finally, Facebook, finally!! Good job 🙂


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