Summer suitors &co

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Summer – the good ol’ season to treat yourself with some tapas and sea breeze in a beach town in Spain (try Barcelona if you wanna check out the Champions League trophy in the Camp Nou museum) or hang out with friends and enjoy some beer, lemonade or whatever’s ice cold on the menus of the many gardens in Bucharest. You can always chill at home, there’s plenty of TV series summer premieres to watch.

Wednesday, June 24

The last episode of Suits had plenty of twists and turns to make us feel as excited as the first two seasons of the show. From the awwww’s caused by the forever-in-our-hearts-and-minds declaration of Harvey we sunk into a pool of noooo’s when Donna resigned and chose to work for Louis, leaving him, for the first time in their 12 years collaboration, all alone.

On the same night, ABC will release the second episode of the new Mr. Robot. Starring Cristian Slater, the thriller focuses on the life of Elliot, a geeky young IT professional by day turning into a cyber Robin Hood by night. What’s really catchy  about the show – besides the classic sexiness of the main character’s anti-social slightly autistic behaviour, emotional fragility and genius intellect, is the bigger picture the series leads us to: our meaning, if any, in a world of big data where we’re the tiniest pieces and the decisions are made by a secret elite.

Sunday, June 28th

I’m very curious about the Humans premiere. It has already created some controversy, so I guess the people in charge with marketing did a good job when they placed fake ads both online and offline for Persona Synthetics (some sort of insanely similar to humans robots people can buy and use as house maids and what not). Although the show is a remake after a Swedish series, it might be worth watching. Unless it turns into a Terminator-ish soap opera.

Whatever show’s season premiere you’re dying to watch this summer, make it special. You don’t need bartender skills to make a cool drink. You’ll have a Litt-Up cocktail in no time if you use the user-friendly gadget bellow. Add guitar shaped ice (or any other shapes that you like) and you’ll be watching Harvey’s new moves like a pro.


(Swimmingpool Rainbow Cocktail)

P.S.: Whatever season premiere or TV show you watch, spoil yourself every time you do it – be it with a special drink, a new salad, fluffy pyjamas or whatever makes you happy. You should take no short-cuts to making yourself happy 🙂


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