One Republic, encore!

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Attending the One Republic concert in Bucharest was one of the most joyful things that has happened to me and also a proof that what you give is what you get. I had received the Native Tour ticket as a b-day present but I had to sell it one day before the show because I needed money fast for some unexpected issues. A few hours before the concert, a friend offered me her ticket – talk about luck and kindness! I honestly believe this happened because I sold the ticket for its real price, not a more expensive one as everybody told me I should have done for a sold out show.

“I’m sorry about the rain, I made a deal with God this morning and he ignored the deal (we’ll talk later). We have like 2 hours with you so let’s have a good time, right?” (Ryan Tedder)

Years of volunteering at the the biggest outdoor concerts in Romania taught me one thing: always go prepared for the shittiest weather. When I left home, everybody was wearing sandals and staring at me and my jacket. Nobody eyed me 4 hours later when it was raining cats and dogs and I had an extra rain coat on, too.

Ryan is the most considerate artist I’ve ever seen. The sideways seats were terrible. Anyone with a ticket in those two sectors wouldn’t have seen anything if Ryan hadn’t spent a big part of the concert very close to them. I didn’t have this problem – I stood fairly close to the stage, in the middle of the crowd. He got off the stage a few times, which was an incredible reward also for everybody who had come earlier at the venue and got soaked in the rain.

“You people are so good looking it’s almost offensive!” (Ryan Tedder)

Most of what I remember from the concert are the continuous joy and the positive energy from the crowd and the band. I can’t tell another show I went to where everybody sang the entire set list and knew all the lyrics.

“Preacher” is about Ryan’s 87 years old grandfather. It really hit a soft spot for me, and probably for everybody who lost their grandpa.

I loved “I lived” – it’s my favourite One Republic song, I’m a softie when it comes to songs written by artists for their kids.

Last night I realized I had never trully appreciated “Apologize” to its fair value – probably because I don’t like Timbaland remixes. Mixing it up with bits of Sam Smith’s “Stay” totally kicked ass. I couldn’t find any good videos from Bucharest, here’s the Ljubliana almost identical, minus the rain, version 🙂

My expectations for Ryan’s voice were based on YouTube videos of live shows, meaning rather low. He totally knocked me off my feet! His voice is in-cre-di-ble! At one point I was feeling as if I were at an opera show, the next it was rock and a couple of minutes later pure pop. The professionalism of his bandmates was also incredible. The guitar solo left everybody in awe as well as the cello bits.

“Good life” was as joyful as always and included a sweet mix of images and videos of Bucharest’s most important sights. During the concert, Ryan was very careful with the Romanian flag he got from Pandutzu, proud member of the audience, and told us that bands generally avoid picking up flags because this can lead to potential offensive situations, such as grabbing by mistake Germany’s flag at a French gig … According to American tradition, as he put it, he didn’t let our flag touch the ground and placed it somewhere on the stage in the correct order of the colours – I literally couldn’t believe it. It’s so common for bands to mess this!

Ryan really did prepare and got the name of the city right (Bucharest, not Budapest) and was surprisingly good at pronouncing Romanian words both practiced beforehand – “Multumesc!”, “Va iubim!”, or on the spot – “Noroc!”. Whoever took them for a walk and dinner in the city center did a good job. Origo and Carul cu bere are some of my favourite spots, too.

I felt amazing at the concert. One Republic gave their best performance and showed the utmost respect to the audience. I cannot wait to see them again whenever the opportunity shows around. For sure I’ll go earlier and be in the front row. I’m really curious what’s gonna happen with the song they wrote here 🙂

“I’m always thinking about the boyfriend that got dragged there because his girlfriend was like “We’re going.”, you know. And I always think about that guy because I’ve gone to those concerts. And anytime I do, I kinda go there already rejudging that band or that artist, and I’m waiting for them to prove me wrong. (…)

A lot of the people that come to our concerts it’s their first concert or it’s their first date and they end up marring that person, you know. It’s gonna be somebody’s first and somebody’s last and that’s generally speaking every time you walk in for 8, 9, 10, 20 000 people, the odds are good that it’s gonna be one or both of those. Which is cool and I think important.” (Ryan Tedder – Behind The Scenes from Vevo Presents: Live at Festhalle, Frankfurt)

[None of the photos or videos are mine. Click on them to go to the source page.]

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